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Ian Lane
Jun, 11 2020
Fuego by Mana
Well known restaurant to local Miamians. Bistro dining. Charming servers. My steak was excellent.
Peter Teleutsa
May, 16 2020
Aventura Police Dept
Honorable officers !!!! I wish all of them to become generals ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Paulina Pereira
May, 11 2020
I love it! I go there every time I can, the customer service is great and the fruits they use are very fresh yummy!!!
Marco Pereira
May, 09 2020
Cool people, good vibes and a one stop shop for all my skateboard and longbording needs :)
John Belverdere
Apr, 11 2020
Nice sneakers for all raisesnt the deatsne
Serkan Teker
Mar, 27 2020
standard Sbux experience. very kind and friendly staff
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